Florva Typeface
Florva Typeface

Florva Typeface Font Free Download

The FLORVA TYPEFACE stands as a simplistic yet exquisite font, meticulously crafted with unwavering dedication and an exclusive ownership by Font Bundles. In contrast to ordinary serif fonts, FLORVA possesses distinctive bracketed serif contours, elegantly interwoven with ornate swirls and embellishments.

In the world of design and creativity, fonts play a significant role in conveying messages and emotions. One such remarkable font is Florva Typeface Font, known for its unique aesthetics and versatility. This article explores the intricacies of Florva Typeface Font, providing insights into its features, applications, and why you should consider using it in your design projects.

The FLORVA typeface proves itself a fitting choice for crafting uncluttered, yet commanding logos, website headers that radiate elegance, magazine layouts that captivate the eye, and menu typography that enhances web aesthetics. It lends itself gracefully to fashion design projects and any creative endeavor that embraces a minimalist and refined ethos.

Product Compositions:

  1. FLORVA regular (In OTF & TTF Format)
  2. FLORVA italic (In OTF & TTF Format)
  3. FLORVA bold (In OTF & TTF Format)
  4. FLORVA Ornaments (In OTF & TTF Format)


Distinguishing Features:

  • An extensive repertoire of uppercase and lowercase characters
  • Inclusion of numerals & punctuations conforming to OpenType standards
  • Comprehensive support for accented characters, facilitating use across various languages
  • An array of ornamental glyphs, ranging from A to z and 0 to 9, comprising 62 distinct symbols

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