Summer Lemonade + Extras

Summer Lemonade + Extras

Hi guys, We just released the latest Summer Lemonade + Extras from Hart Foundry which is Hurly! We would be very happy if you could visit and look inside, then please comment, we appreciate it 🙂

Summer Lemonade is a handwritten font trio, this font is very easy to use and playful. By combining three fonts, you can explore to create a combination that would have been nice.

You will receive 4 font files:

Summer Lemonade Script • This font has two different styles, uppercase acts as lowercase. so this font has two lowercase and its terms can be combined as an alternative.

Summer Lemonade Doodles • These are the doodles we use in the display. So you can use it like an existing display. Please type A-Z to see all.

Summer Lemonade Sans One • This fonts have uppercase and lowercase, and if you create a word, you can make a bouncing effect. like the word “summer” in the main display.

Summer Lemonade Sans Two • This font all caps only, so you can play around with all of these fonts and create something funny and awesome.

I hope you enjoy using this Summer Lemonade + Extras, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions 🙂

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